Yellow Medicine East

Scholarship Awards - Steps to Collect Your Scholarship

  • You must prepare a thank you note addressed to the donor of your scholarship(s) received.  This step is usually completed prior to your graduation date from High School.
  • You must graduate and you must receive a high school diploma from Yellow Medicine East High School.
  • You must attend one full semester at an accredited post-secondary educational institution and show proof of enrollment for a second semester within 18 months of graduation.  Send a copy of your transcript, it does not have to be an official copy.
  • You must include a copy of your 2nd-semester class schedule showing that you are enrolled for the 2nd-semester.
  • Send your paperwork to:

                    Scholarship YME
                    P O Box 114
                    Granite Falls  MN  56241-0114

  • If you have questions you can email for assistance to
  • Please note that we do not mail checks out every single day.  You can expect to receive your scholarship check within 7 to 15 business days.
  • You have 18 months from your High School graduation date to submit your transcripts to receive your scholarship award(s).  After 18 months your scholarship is forfeited.